Scala is going closed source, Apple shows the money…

Apple strikes back

Today is a sad day indeed. There had been some rumors that the Scala team was negotiating with established companies due to financial issues, but today *it* hit the fan. Apple announced that they were proud to present Scala as their new in-house language.
Everyone knows iPhone, but not everyone knows that applications developed for iPhone are usually implemented in objective-C. As a step in making handheld devices more approachable to developers, apple wants to use Scala as the standard language in their upcoming SDKs. As a Scala fan it is tough to see it leaving the wonderful world of open source, but on the other hand it will be nice to get Scala onto more devices in the future.

What about Martin?

Martin Odersky will continue development on Scala in the forseeable future, but control will be gradually handed over to Apple. What do you think this will mean for the future of Scala? Are we going to see another slowed down development due to corporate takeover like Java? Are Martin Odersky and Steve Jobs meeting for secret coffee meetings behind the community’s back?


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