Learn Scala

Learn Scala in 5 Parts

You can follow my Scala tutorial in 5 parts here:

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Try it in your browser

At http://www.simplyscala.com/ you can try Scala directly in your browser. This is of course an advantage because you don’t have to install it, but also because the website contains a huge amount of common scala examples. I highly recommend going there if you’re a newbie.

Official Website

The official website has a big list of resources when it comes to learning Scala.

Scala Style Guide

Once you get more into Scala, or once you have to/want to share your code with others, I would highly suggest reading the Scala Style Guide. There is also a nifty pdf-file if you prefer, although the website is very easy to navigate and read.

Stack Overflow

At Stack Overflow you can get answers to all sorts of questions, including Scala questions. It is a very rich forum with an active/polite community. This is the place to go for simple as well as advanced questions.

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